The Apple IPhone is Coming to Verizon!

From the wonderful world of smartphones comes some interesting news — especially if you’re a Verizon user. I have to admit, as a long time Verizon customer, I’ve looked at my daughter’s iPhone from AT T; and thought, Wow! I’d love to have one of those! But, alas, the iPhones wasn’t an option. iPhones didn’t work on Verizon. But all that’s about to change.
According to the Wall Street Journal, an iPhone for Verizon will soon be a reality. Verizon’s CDMA network will have a new phone jostling along with all the rest. By the first quarter of 2011, Apple has said that Verizon customers will be able to tap into their network joining the millions of others. There’s even talk of a fifth generation iPhone. The new iPhone would be a different form factor from those currently available. It was not disclosed whether that form factor would be larger or smaller. (Although I personally wouldn’t mind if it was a wee bit smaller — to allow for a nicer pocket fit — but that’s just my opinion.)

Of course, I don’t imagine that the iPhone will be able to just waltz in and steal the show anymore. Have you taken a look at some of the latest Android phones out there? Two friends of mine have the HTC Incredible, and they love them. Then, last night, while walking through Sam’s Club, I stopped to see what the Droid X was costing these days. The sales associate smiles and holds up her phone. “Have you seen the new Samsung Fascinate?” Uh, no. She then begins to rapidly tap through screens, surfing along Verizon’s network. It was fast. Way fast.

Having the choice of an Apple iPhone is going to be awesome for Verizon customers, but they’re not the only kid on the smartphone block anymore. And that’s good news for phone buyers everywhere.

So hang on, fellow Verizon-ers…. more choices are coming.

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