Recipe for earning gems from the farmable in growtopia

Growtopia is a vast game which requires a lot of planting and harvesting and breaking of stuff. This is a creative game which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. With every passing level, you will be unfolding new items and feature of this game. Every game has a currency that enables a player to measure their excellence. So in this article, there are some tips that will help you to gather some gems in this game.

Tips for gaining more gems

If you want to get the maximum farmable then it is very important to protect them from getting stolen. So always world lock the world and make sure that the white door is blocked. Always make sure that you are using the house entrances because at any stage of the game if you die you can easily regain back to the place even if the enemies are near the white door. You can also purchase the signal jammer for placing it inside the world. Your world should have a lot of storage space, break area, and enough places where you can easily plant the farmable.

If you want to purchase the farmable then you should go to trade world or vent. Depending on the farming requirement you will have to select the place. If you opt for the black rock or Venus flytrap then it will enable you to perform farming on a regular basis and get a lot of gems. If a player opts for the chandeliers or pinball bumpers then they should parallel use other farmable because they need to mine them when they will be waiting for the others to grow.

For placing the farmable you should opt for the area like the world’s break. Once the place is getting properly filled you should start the breaking procedure of the farmable. Ensure that when a single batch is getting completed you are awarded seeds and gems because if you are not getting them then your gems will start to decrease and you can also lose the farmable. So it is a huge loss for a person who is just having a low count of gems. You should continue breaking the farmable till you are having enough seeds to perform the next harvesting.

It is quite alright if you can’t gather 50 seeds after mining. You need to select a place where you will plant the seeds for harvesting. If you use the farmable then they will provide you with a huge count of gems as well as seeds so you won’t have to worry about running out of them.

Repeating enables a person to easily break more farmable and one should not skip a single day when it comes to breaking the farmable. You can also hire some workers who will break the world lock and pay them in return so it will also help you to get a good count of farmable.

These tips will help you to easily get more gems and you can also use the growtopia cheats for proceeding quickly in this game.