Software Reviews: Fring VOIP Service

Fring is a free VOIP program that allows users to make calls using the internet connectivity of their internet-ready devices.
What is Fring? Fring is software for your internet-capable wireless device (most Nokias with Symbian and many Windows Mobile Phones, see website for details. Fring allows you to make PEER-TO-PEER calls over most of the VOIP networks: Skype, MSN Messenger, and Google talk. It’s a data conduit for phone calls – rather than a cellular-network conduit.

Fring utilizes both 3G and Wi-Fi to make phone calls. 15 minutes of talk time usually occupies 2 MB of data.

Many users also recommend as a fun starting point for use of Fring. In the world of Web 2.0, it’s best to stay connected 24-7.


This techno-mumbo-jumbo sounds confusing at first, but it boils down to saving a few dollars. Why?

Instead of using the voice channel for a GSM phone, Fring uses the 3G or EDGE data network. In general, data transfers are MUCH CHEAPER than phone calls. How much cheaper?

An average phone call using 3G on Fring would cost less than 90 percent the cost of a normal phone call on a GSM network. Phone calls using the Wi-Fi would cost nothing except for the price of connectivity and battery-life.

Wi-fi is not NEEDED for Fring, but you can also use it as an alternative to native 3G capability.

With a wi-fi-ready phone (like the Nokia smartphone, or Apple’s iphone), you can make calls using the already available VOIP networks. Instead of paying for minutes, you’re paying for data.


Although I think Fring is a novel concept, it cuts out the middleman of the phone company. No longer do we need to make phone calls over the network, we simply find a wi-fi point, and start talking. Phone companies will use this as a selling point against Net Neutrality.

Secondly, Fring only works with smartphones. Smartphones are generally more expensive than regular cell phones. With that added expense, it may not be worth it to purchase a new smartphone strictly for the purpose of using it with Fring. That limits Fring usage to people who already have smartphones. Models that will accept Fring: all Symbian 8 amp; 9, Windows Mobile 5 amp; 6 devices, including PDAs. There is a large amount of information available on the website to support the Nokia model smartphones. To Summarize: Fring is a cheap and novel way to use a data stream rather than a cellular network to make calls. In Europe, and gradually over the wired world, further advances in wireless technology will make instantaneous connections cheap, easy and best of all – fun! If you’re looking for a good way to use your smartphone, try out Fring. It’s free!

Guns of boom beginners tips

Guns of Boom is an unexpected treat for the Gamers as this is an action gaming. It was launched in the year 2017 by the “Game Insight UAB” in March. You can easily play this game on your iOS or Android devices. The main thing about this game is that here you will have to participate in various battles by using weapons for defeating the opponent. So if you are a beginner, then this guide will help you to understand this game properly.

Some beginner’s tips

Many beginners miss the reloading manual button, but it is very important for racking up all the kills for staying alive in this game. When any of the gamers run out of the bullets during the mid-firefight, then the game will automatically reload. It won’t take much time and will take some seconds for switching up the pistols. Always keep in mind to reload immediately once you have started attacking your opponent. But avoid reloading where you are engaged in a fight, or you are in open field. So select a quiet place or back off for reloading.

You will always be benefited if you easily zoom the sites with your sniper rifle. But when you will do it with any standard rifle then it can become quite problematic. Because this can make all the things quite fiddly as well as sluggish when it comes to the movement in the front. But keep one thing in your mind which is using the sights properly is a very crucial part of this high-end game. It will help you to score a maximum number of headshots so that you can easily defeat your opponent quickly. But you have to choose the moments properly. Avoid looking into the sites if you are running in an open section where you will need maximum maneuverability when the opponent is close to you. The perfect time to use them is when you are in a corner or any restricted corridor from where you can easily see your opponent before they notice you. After looking into this, you can surely aim in their head in the guns of boom mod apk.

The best part of playing this game is that here you can easily use the gun. The grenades which are used in this game is very much powerful, and when you throw them directly at an opponent who is near to you or in the midrange, then it can easily kill them. So there is no need for being very much accurate and clever when it comes to the timing of this game. Grenades are very much handy which you can easily use early. Whenever you have any opponent near to you, then you can use grenades.

For playing the game efficiently, you will have to keep in mind some tips and strategies. You

can also try the Guns of boom hacks which are available on various websites but make sure not to provide any personal details of yours for using the hacks.

What is the scope and increased use of hay day cheats?

In this wide scope of the online games, many digital apps and hacks are developed and introduced by the app developers and software engineers. Advanced techniques are also used frequently, and players are getting many of the advantages from such hacks. Latest means of the intelligence is used all over the globe, and many of the fast and quick sources of the artificial intelligence are used by all the users of the internet. Hay day cheats app is the best app through which an individual player can earn an unlimited number of coins and fulfill all the needs and requirements of the game.

The man has invented such extraordinary machines that this invention is now used in increasing the economic condition of the country. This rapid development in all the various fields of the country is the result of the technological advancement of the machines. Latest inventions are very facilitating, and you can play the games just by sitting at home. If an individual do not have any friends to play outside then they can get a large number of friends online.

To win the game many types of the farming equipment and machines are needed in the game and this can be purchased through the coins, and these coins can be earned through the hay day cheats. This hack helps you experience all the extraordinary pleasures of the farming. Characters of the game support all the activities and all the things that can be done in real life can be possible in this digital game. Trucks and equipment can be purchased quickly at different levels of the stage.

Hay day hacked ios is used to the extent by the smart players, and they make themselves compatible to compete with the international players also.

Scores and coins can be increased through the hacks, and these hacks are very easy to operate, and in the present day, people prefer the devices that are easy and quick to operate.

For the use of this tool, any type of the jailbreak and root facility is not required.

These tips and tricks are quite beneficial for the fast progress in the game. Hay day cheats can make you popular among the group of your friends and relatives.

For the fast development and to reach the high levels of the game an individual can get the beneficial results from this hay day cheats tool. This makes a person to challenge the friends, and you can win the challenge easily without any extra efforts and hard work in the game.

The 21st-Century App World

Currently, we are living in the most tech-centric era in history. The advancements and transformation of mobile applications are one of the most significant examples of the tech era. If you look around, you might see that you are surrounded by technology. From getting up to sleeping back, you are involved with different kinds of technologies, mostly in the form of apps.
Some apps are striving hard to assure the best of human comfort. On the other hand, app-based games, like Clash Royale are striving to help you enhance your mental, analytical and problem-solving abilities. In short, in today’s world, an app plays a vital part in shaping our desires and needs.
The benefit of this has been enormously enjoyed by the tech giants. Interestingly, the major reason for their benefit is the extensive use of the applications on smartphones. In order for the tech industry to grow to what it is today, we have marked the immense contribution of the top 4 industries below:

1. The Contribution of Android
Android is one of the top contributors to the development of mobile applications. The essential part of Google Android’s contribution is that it offers a wide range of applications, so users can easily get the app they want. Moreover, due to its long-time reliability, people blindly trust Android as the best source for downloading applications.


2. The Blackberry World
Although Blackberry contributed enough in the popularity of apps, due to its outdated tech, it had to die someday. However, no one expected that it would die so soon. The shift from Blackberry to Android and iOS was quite fast, and it took a long time for the owners of Blackberry to realize what is not working for them. Android and Apple have immensely benefited from the decline of Blackberry, as it provided them with the biggest opportunity to capture the growing smartphone market.

3. The Rise of the App Store
After the immense success of Android, the Apple CEO strived to compete with Android in the local market. The user-friendly design offered by the App Store helps the user spend less time searching for their required application. However, some of the most valuable app-based games like Clash Royale which was popular within the App Store are also available on the Play Store now, along with clash royale cheats new.

4. Rise in the Sale of Smartphones
Well, the transition toward apps has mostly advantaged smartphone brands. The dependency over mobile applications has resulted in people investing more on their smartphones. Therefore, a smartphone user is more interested in purchasing a phone with compatible configuration. As smartphones are the essential reason for the applications to exist, brands like Apple, Samsung and HTC have immensely benefited from it.

Android phones: It has been widely documented that the transition toward mobile applications has enormously increased the sale of Android phones due to its low price and valuable quality. Moreover, their easy-to-use interface with some interesting features has attracted a large number of customers.
iPhones: Apple offers phones at fairly higher prices than most Android phones, so Apple devices are mostly use by the elite community of the world. Some of the exceptional features offered by an Apple device are incomparable to any smartphone around the world. Spending a few more bucks on purchasing an Apple product is surely a good decision.

You might feel lucky to witness the great advancement and transition of the tech world. You have been witnessing how things have begun changing with time. Advancements are encouraged as they provide humans with utmost comfort. The transformation of mobile applications is a significant example of such an advancement. Some of the most interesting app-based games like Clash Royale have been completely transformed to make them more productive and user-friendly. This helps us understand that the advancements are carried out in order to provide us with substantial benefits.
This brings us to wonder, what will the future hold? Will we become more app-centric or will we move on to something even better?

Why I’m Saying Goodbye to Windows Phone 7 -WP7

Last November there was a new kid on the block in regards to smartphones and it went by the name of Windows Phone 7. After a lot of promises from Microsoft and a huge marketing campaign, the platform has failed to take off in the way that people had hoped. After failed attempts at updating, a severe lack of communication, and faltering backing from major carriers, it is time for this adopter to say goodbye to WP7.
Like many others, I was an early adopter of WP7, and I have been a massive fan of the platform, lord knows how many articles I have written singing the praises of WP7 and even though I have decided it is time to change, I am still a fan of WP7.

Rushed to Market

The operating system broke the mold when it hit the scene. It provided a user interface unlike any other and it’s ease of use was one of the major selling points, but after launching it became clear very early on that the platform was broken and had been rushed to market.

At launch Microsoft promised users that updates would come out on a very regular basis and that Microsoft would control the updates. This was huge because it meant that the fragmentation problem with Android would not hit WP7, however that is not the case, and it has been made clear that the carriers are controlling the updates and are deciding who gets them. This was highlighted by the fact that T-Mobile blocked the first update that was sent out by MS.

Where’s Microsoft Going With This?

Six months after launch there has not been an update and the bugs that were present in WP7 at launch are still there, the lack of communication from Microsoft is unnerving, and yes I do realize that Microsoft finally released a roadmap for the NoDo update yesterday, but shouldn’t that have been released months ago? It tells me that there is no clear roadmap for WP7.

While there are many things that WP7 gets right, there are also many things it gets wrong, and again I understand that it is a new platform but there are just something’s that you should be able to do.

The lack of customization was a huge omission. It true that it is not the be all and end all, but really? No customization at all? Customization in smartphones is huge these days as it helps the user feel connected to the device, I never did feel connected to mine, it was just a phone, it just wasn’t a reflection of me.

There are many other things missing from WP7 that are considered standard fare nowadays. The lack of GPS was strange given that GPS with Bing maps was excellent on older Windows Mobile devices, and the inability to upload videos to social networks was also a strange omission. The much talked about copy and paste, which will be in the NoDo update, should also have been a feature of the device from the start, but for whatever reasons Microsoft decided to exclude these features.

The Future is Still Bright

The future for WP7 looks good though. Developers seem to have taken a liking to it, and the apps that are available are good apps. The partnership with Nokia should bare good fruit too, but like many others I need a phone that has all of the things that are missing from WP7 now. While apps make the phone great, the operating platform itself needs to be functional and practical too.

I am still a fan of WP7, and will probably give it another look in the future, but right now I need more from my smartphone. Let us know in the comments section about your experiences with WP7.

Mugen Game: Gals Fighters

Mugen Gals fighters is an all female fighting game that features a cast of well known and obscure characters. This particular Mugen game is a compilation of the efforts of respected creators like M@ppy, Shin Inverse and Winane.
The game features a few characters you wouldn’t expect. Popular choices like Athena from King of Fighters, Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha and Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown did make the cut.

The rest of the cast will only be familiar to hardcore fighting game fans(like myself). Tesse from Waku Waku 7, Tsunade from Kabuki Klash, Q-bee from Darkstalkers , Tane amp; Ume Goketuji from Power Instinct, etc.

The control scheme consists of 4 attack buttons as opposed to the usual six.. A power bar similar to the Rage Gage from Samurai Shodown increases when damage is taken. When it is filled, you are able to release a super move as retaliation.

As of this article, the game is not yet complete. The beta(and patch) contains a total of four characters and four stages to go along with them. It’s shaping up to be a very good fan game from the looks of it.

Gals Fighters

Injustice 2 – How to Get the Red Hood

A few years back a game named Injustice was very popular in the gaming world due to its story and graphics. This game was designed on Batman, Superman and another popular character of DC. The main character was Batman and that was in 2013. The same game with new graphics and the new design is back with the name injustice 2. This game is a new story with powerful players and much more things. The first release was on Smartphone and then in few days, this game is also launched for Playstation and Xbox lovers.

This time in injustice 2, many things like more beautiful graphics and color introduced to have a much better experience while playing this game. You can play this game with the help of gaming console on Android. Buy a Bluetooth game controller and attach it to your device and then start playing. Let’s get back to our topic of what’s new.

  • If you have played injustice then you know that there were not many players in that but this time you have Atrocitus, Black Canary, Blue Beetle, Robin, Super girl and many more players. Near about 20 players are introduced in this.
  • The new currency type stuff SIM is introduced. This is not a currency. This is kind of power which is called as SIM battle.
  • Last time this game was available for many devices but this time you have to play this game on the limited device but all these devices are so popular so this game is especially for popular consoles.
  • Android and Apple is the first device which comes in mind for playing the game because these are the devices you always have and you can play this game anytime anywhere. Which mean you can call Smartphone as quick access to entertainment.
  • This game launched a few days ago but still, this game gets lots of award from now. You may be wondering how this can be possible but yes, the story and the graphics help the game to get awards.
  • The game introduced frightening pack except for same combat format in the previous game. This time you can play this game for the much longer time and without even getting bored.

Injustice 2 Hack

What’s better than having software which can help you to win easily? Yes, you don’t have to work hard for getting coins in the game when you can use this generator. This tool is called as injustice 2 hack. This is made to help you and without even asking for any money. You don’t need to pay for anything which is asked in this game. There is an option for buying the in-build product but those are costly so you need the credit card for that. If you are a teen and you don’t have any bank account then this will be an issue for you. So you have the option of using this tool and without even spending a buck.

If you always wanted Injustice 2 free gems then must use this and you just have to follow some steps to do that.

  • Open website and must check you are not in incognito mode.
  • Provide your User id to them which you are using in the game to play.
  • You may be using your email which is used in your device for getting mails.
  • Choose your device and then look for other options. Must fill the column right otherwise you have to go through this process again which seems so boring.
  • If you have filled information right on Injustice 2 Hack To Get Free Gems – Online Version then fill another column of gems and coins. There is the third option which is for SIM so if you don’t know about it then fills it as 10,000,000 and forgot about it.
  • Press generate and wait for few seconds and let it complete.
  • When this task will be complete then check your game and coins, gems, SIM. Surely you will be happy to see this that you are not the millionaire of this game.

There is new feature which is introduced is a feature which protects you from getting your account ban. There are 0% chances that your account will be caught using this tool. This feature is called as the anti-ban feature. Only a few tools have this feature so this is the best in all kind of it. No tool can match the level of this tool. Play this game without even worrying much and set new records for competitors.

5 Great Xbox 360 Co-op Games Gaming Couples Can Enjoy This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on its way and while V-Day usually brings to mind images of kissing, romance, and exchanges gifts and chocolate, for the gaming couple, Valentine’s Day makes for a great opportunity to cuddle up with their partner… their gaming partner that is. Following are 5 great Xbox 360 games that would be perfect for playing with your Valentine this Valentine’s Day.
Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for the Xbox Kinect is the one of the most innovative exercise/fitness games to hit any gaming console. Your Shape is fast past, has exercises for every part of the body, and is the perfect game to play with your gaming spouse to keep both of you in shape – and helps to ensure that the two of you will be together for more Valentine’s Days to come.

Rock Band

Rocking out is universal and both male and female gamers get a kick out slashing their guitars in Rock Band. Unlike most games that require one player to sit out and wait their turn, this game will show that you and your Valentine can make beautiful music together – and after all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Dance Central

If you’re looking to bust a move and bust a sweat this Valentine’s Day, Dance Central for the Xbox Kinect will be a great Xbox 360 game to play with your gaming and life partner. Busting out the real life moves in Dance Central is rather enjoyable and both you and your significant other will get a kick out of playing this game this V-Day together.

Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach is the multiplayer game of choice for the Xbox 360 and it’s the perfect co-op game for the gaming couple that are more seasoned gamers. Not many games on the Xbox 360 require the teamwork and communication that Halo: Reach demands and who better to show the gaming world how to work together and school them in communication better than a gaming couple.

Kinect Sports

What can I say? The Xbox Kinect has an awesome arsenal of games that are both enjoyable by male and female gamers and Kinect Sports is another great game that couples will get a kick out of playing this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re playing Bowling, Table Tennis, tossing Javelins with your sweetie, Kinect Sports will be a great game to make sure that you and your gaming spouse “Kinect” this Valentine’s Day.

For more, read Wii Games That’ll Turn Your Girlfriend into a Female Gamer , 5 Reasons I’m Kinda Glad My Wife Isn’t a Hardcore Gamer – like Myself , and Great Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas for Your Tech Buff Sweetheart ‘” for the Year 2011

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“Yu-Gi-Oh” fan? Find yourself comfortable using this!

Occasionally it’s really difficult to get our hands on our favorite games, it’s a bit interacting and it’s a bit of seriousness involved business to find time to play the games and may be for working professionals who wants to be stress relief from the work, which is why we often times though very interested in playing the respective games and we lack time to play them on a regular basis. What is the alternative that we can find? What we have to do to manage our time? Well, certainly they are very big questions and we every individual has a serious role to do in their day to day life. Based up on the type of game we have many classifications as per the genre’s and mode of gaming like arcade gaming which is more or less a fighting type of games, battle gaming which is a fight between two armies or teams, Racing games, action games, shooting games, etc. and also other chief cataloguing is the medium of gaming i.e. one is the online gaming that uses you their mobile data or require their Wi-Fi to play the games such as Clash of clans, etc.

What is a hack tool? And how does it work?

This is a very common question that enters in to the mind when we talk about the hack tool, what exactly is a hack tool? Well it is so simple, a hack tool is something that is used to generate whatever you want in the game at free of the cost just by downloading and installing the game on your mobile or computer. Yi-Gi-Oh Duel link hack is a tool that is designed to generate the equal amounts of infinite coins that are needed to play the game quickly without much efforts and much time spending continuously on the game breaking your whole free time. This game is originally designed by the great Kazuki Takahashi, he is a very well know game developer for the manga serice that aired on the television as well as the cards that came out under his copy rights, etc. There are three types of cards are available in this game and they are

  • Monster cards
  • Spell cards
  • Trap cards

Everything has a very large part to play from his collection in the field of gaming market from the Japanese gaming industry. The game Yi-Gi-Oh Duel link is a game that is completely based on the Yi-Gi-Oh television serial. Yugi is a brilliant young kid with bring aspirations but always he got builled for various reason from there comes the inspirational characters and its popularity has brought in the need for the design of the game application.

What should I do to install or use the hack tool? Do I need to pay?

Well it’s absolutely free and you need not pay a penny. The main motto was to keep the players extremely happy and nothing to that. The hack tool is a spam free software that can be used freely without any disturbances and irritating messages but there will be some promotional advertisement’s that will help you to know or get you in contact with other offers available and other tool that are available in the market. The simple procedure is:

  • Download the Yu Gi Oh Duel Links Cheats from the net and install on your mobile or pc and enjoy the free services provided by the developers.
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  • 100% virus free and you can trust the source of developers because they encrypt it highly against all the attacks.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin – Game Review

The Castlevania series has the distinction of being one of the oldest gaming franchises in history. While its origins can be traced to the Nintendo Entertainment System, it has since appeared on the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo’s original Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, both iterations of Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo’s dual-screened handheld, the DS. Castlevania’s age places it in the leagues of veterans such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario, and is enough to threaten even those individuals.
Although Castlevania’s place in gaming history is vaunted, its position in the hearts of gamers is often called into question. Some gamers hold high reverence for the Castlevania franchise, while others wish for its eradication, claming that its predictability is a source of boredom, a symptom akin to Capcom’s Mega Man franchise.

Castlevania’s questionable position in the hearts of gamers can be attributed to the varying quality of its products. Most gamers wax nostalgic over Castlevania’s earliest iteration; the first adventure, which featured Simon Belmont on a quest to defeat Dracula, was considered challenging for its time due to its level design, enemy encounters, and complex control system (you were unable to change your direction in mid-jump). Gamers also express appreciation over Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, one of the few adventures on the original Playstation.

Unlike previous adventures, which tasked you with controlling a whip-wielding adventurer, Symphony of the Night tasked you with playing as Alucard, Dracula’s son, and charged you with defeating your father, Count Dracula, once again. However, these same gamers express disgust whenever Castlevania travels into the third dimension (Castlevania 64 and Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness were universally panned by gamers and reviewers alike; Castlevania’s two iterations on the current-generation systems, Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness, also received a mixed reception).

The general consensus among gamers remains that Castlevania is the most successful when it remains in dual dimensions. Symphony of the Night was the last to adhere to this standard, thus explaining why it is regarded as one of the best two-dimensional adventures of all time. Subsequent Castlevania games have tried to recapture this magic, with varying success; while Castlevania’s console quests have fared inadequately, its iterations on portable platforms have been successful. The three GBA {Game Boy Advance} Castlevania adventures (Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance, and Aria of Sorrow) have been regarded as the best GBA games of their time, while Aria’s sequel on the DS (Dawn of Sorrow) was heralded as one of the better DS games available.

With allocates like those, the latest portable Castlevania adventure, Portrait of Ruin, had a great deal to live up to. It succeeds in standing up to its predecessors due to making some key changes in play mechanics while still offering time-tested dual-dimensional Castlevania game play.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin separates itself from its predecessors by offering a dual-character mechanic, a tactic not explored since Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse. The initial set-up has players guiding Jonathon Morris, the son of a related Castlevania hero, and Charlotte Aulin, his close friend. These two characters have differing skills which can be used in tandem or alternated upon depending on the needs of the player.

Jonathon is skilled with whips and melee weapons, while Charlotte is well-versed with magic. Players are charged with guiding these two through a recreation of Castlevania, with the intent of defeating a new villain (not Dracula, at least not initially…). Like recent Castlevania adventures (Symphony onwards…), Jonathon and Charlotte gain new weapons and experience as they venture through the castle. They also level up at the same time, allaying fears that one may turn out weaker than the other through extended play.

While most Castlevania titles task you with simply exploring Dracula’s castle, Portrait of Ruin improves on this staid formula through the introduction of ‘warp paintings’ that transfer the main characters to distinct worlds. Jonathan and Charlotte will explore Egyptian deserts, an ancient city, an old English town, and other unusual areas in addition to Dracula’s abode. These areas add variety to the adventure and should please fans that by now are sick of exploring Dracula’s castle for hours on end.

The graphics in Portrait of Ruin are solid; although they may cause frequent Castlevania players to recall the previous DS adventure, Dawn of Sorrow. Jonathan and Charlotte animate well, and are able to move and attack without difficulty. The backgrounds possess a great amount of detail, and the constant change of scenery should eliminate boredom. However, later in the adventure, areas tend to repeat, which could cause that tedium to quickly return. The sound consists of the usual mix of stellar Castlevania music, along with the comments of the two main characters when they attack individually or in tandem.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin ranks as a solid adventure through and through. While it may cause flashbacks to the previous entries in the series, the game has enough new content and mechanics to distinguish itself from the competition.